Preparation FOR IGNOU EXAMS National university or IGNOU is each ready to conduct colorful entrance examinations. Being the foremost preferred open literacy institution in India, the competition is high. Applicants who aim at pursuing their advanced studies from this University frequently horrify considering the competition. But, do not worry. we have got you covered. this textbook contains the simplest ideas for the medication for ignou examinations that the IGNOU will conduct. Check all the information then and begin on to clear the tests.

Plan IGNOU 2022 Exam Preparation
Preparation for Ignou examinations might sound delicate after you have not started it. still, By analysing the wants, pretensions, examination trends, and more, a pupil can dashingly exceed within the examinations, Hence, a correct plan is needed. Read all the following tips so on specialize in the target and ace the IGNOU 2022 Examinations.

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How to prepare for IGNOU TEE Examinations?

If you have enough time you can refer entire course syllabus of books Provided by IGNOU
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In the case you dont have much time your should adopt following steps

  • First you should see previous year question paper and should try to understand paper style.
  • IGNOU question papers are set up with much options. i.e. in most of the course/subjects, you have to answer any 05 from the 10 question or write any 10 from 20 question. In general there would be 01 question from one book of particular subjects.
  • For example if your subject consist of 10 book, if you can prepare even any 07 books very well, you will be able to write entire paper, rest may be abandon as option.
  • In case if you don’t know about any question, you should try to write answer whatever you knows.
  • Untold rule of INGOU exam, never leave blank page, try to answer all question.
  • Improve your handwriting
  • Write topic wise, never make your writing too much clumsy, it should be neat and clean.
  • Use as much space as you required to write paper (but don’t waste papers)
  • Take water bottle, proper pen, stapler and yes don’t forget to take your own watch to see timings.

    How Much time is Required for Preparing for IGNOU TEE Examinations?

    Two months are sufficient to prepare for any exam , if you plan well.

    Anyway , I am giving you general guideline , if you follow this , you will be able to prepare for any exam in short time.

    Here are the guidelines:-

    -First collect previous year papers and the syllabus of the exam ,you are appearing in.

    -Study previous paper well and match it with syllabus and mark the weight age against each chapter of syllabus,that you have found from previous papers.

    -Now , divide your remaining days for the exam into chapters of syllabus.

    -Give sufficient time to each chapter.

    -More weight age chapter should be complete first , this will reduce your stress and boost confidence.

    -Don’t try to learn everything, learn only the important point and take idea of each concept.also follow previous year paper.

    -Be regular to your schedule.

    I am sure that if you follow this strictly, you will definitely be more confident in exam and also will score well.

    What is The IGNOU GALAXY’S Secret for Scoring 90+ Marks In IGNOU TEE Examinations?

    Now, here a checklist that you must follow while preparing for your IGNOU exams:

    1. Download exam papers, for both summer and winter sessions, for the past 10 years.
    2. Download the assignments too, if you can
    3. Now for each block see how often was a question repeated from it
    4. See which blocks are never asked or asked once in 4–6 years
    5. There will be around 4 such blocks that are sure to be questioned everytime
    6. There will be 2–3 such blocks that are included once every two or three years
    7. Now these 2–3 blocks will have optional questions with the remaining blocks
    8. Begin by preparing thoroughly for the first 4 sure-shot blocks
    9. Then prepare the other 2–3; you can skip even touching the optional if you prepare these well

    Now, how should you attempt the exam:

    There is a rule in IGNOU, kind of what they believe they have made. The rule is your 20 marks answer should be around 6–7pages long.

    How to write a 6–7 page long answer:

    I admit, it is really difficult to write a 7 page long answer and attempt 5 such answers in 3 hours. Neither, would there be that much content to puke out from the memory or creativity.

    So you can draw a margin on the right hand side of the sheet, throughout. This can be 2.5 inches thick. It serves two purposes.. one it reduces the page width and two it also provides the evaluator fair space to place the marks and total easily.

    I have been a evaluator and I really felt comfortable evaluating such sheets, even though I knew the student was trying to trick me. But, it is a win win.

    That’s all b.d.w, but you must write real meaningful answers in that space, in those 7 pages.

    Also, divide your answers into parts:

    • Introduction
    • Body
    • Headings under body
    • Conclusion

    Underline important ideas, to catch the evaluator’s eye. Be direct, specific and correct.

    That’s it.

    I wish you score, all the way through your course.

    What should be my IGNOU TEE Examinations Preparation strategy ?

Start Today..

Preparation for ignou exams

There’s no better time and day than the current day to begin preparing. delaying effects is infrequently scheduling.  The further days you lose, the lower depth your medication for IGNOU examinations are suitable to do. Hence, better now than noway . Begin your Examinations medication just once you start wondering it and do not delay.

Set a Goal..
Hence it’s important to choose when till once you wish to arrange and the way much you’re willing to attain. The decided score is that the standard and one must always strive to pass that.

Make a Plan!

Preparation for ignou exams

Once the thing is about, it’s pivotal to plan effects out. One has to dissect the quantum of days that are left with him her for the medication for ignou examinations and thus the quantum of syllabus one has to cover. After getting all this data plan the important motifs consequently and lot the time independently. There should be a compass of Revision Time. Reworking on the learnt motifs is incredibly important since last- nanosecond modification can actually do prodigies.

Be apprehensive of the Syllabus and Examination Pattern
One should be hardworking but smart work really sorts effects out. sweats doesn’t indicate non-directional sweats and hence smart work is suggested. Before beginning with studies, flash back of the Syllabus. Know exactly what subjects and motifs you would like to understand. also, the examination pattern must get on the finger tips.However, you may not be ready to choose the important motifs and prioritize, If you are doing not know the marks weightage that a specific subject will carry.

As a result, one might find yourself preparing the questions for smaller important motifs and score lower indeed after studying lifelessly. Question types will grease your get a study if you must have introductory knowledge or must be thorough with the generalities. For ideal questions, one must know little details except for private bones

Select the most effective Study Material
There are colorful accoutrements available within the business for scholars. they’ve to elect those where generalities are explained in an exceedingly simple language and thus the main focus is on the deliverance of stylish and substantially asked questions. this may give a plan of the trend that the questions follow and also the nicely answers the authorities are seeking. rehearsing and medication for ignou examinations questions that are substantially asked help the foremost since the examinations do contain similar questions that were asked within the former times.

Don’t Stress Out..

little reminder: don’t stress. While you’re preparing for your exam and there’s a closing date, you regularly GOP under excessive pressure ending up losing your cool. This has to be avoided. it’s important to relax out a touch. The more you stress, the more you tend to forget the concepts. it’s never really important to waste time worrying.

Check out Online Study Content
With the betterment of technology, the tutorial system has also advanced. The benefit is that you simply can fluently try propositions and explanations online. There are lots of good preceptors who are seizing the chance to trainer through social media. The platforms like YouTube, websites like Coursera, blogging runners, and more are enabling the scholars to simply try content associated with their motifs and study fluently.

Make Notes..

It isn’t only stylish to enjoy study material but also epitomize it. For better modification, it’s important to arrange notes in such a fashion that you simply fluently understand what you would like to read within the first place. Hence, it’s advised to form particular notes and pellet points in order that there’s a for comprehending and effects can store within the mind in an exceedingly much better way.

Write the Exam smartly..

Understanding, learning, and studying can only help if you write the test veritably duly. there’s absolutely no use all told the medication if you’re unfit to present what you fete . Read the questions relatively doubly ahead answering them. Understand what the need of the question is and the way the answers must be written. Nextly manage the length of the answers or the main target on the questions consequently on the premise of the marks. specialize in trying stuff you know relatively writing it all. it’s important to get the sure- shot marks over scoring a touch but completing everything, whether or not you are doing not are apprehensive of it.

Time Management..

Last but not the least, managing time is very important. Even if its a preparation time or in exam time, time management plays a crucial role. Try to utilize and manage your every minute by proving it more efficient.


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