IGNOU Assignment Front Page & Cover Page Latest Guidelines [ OFFICIAL ].

Ignou assignment front page

IGNOU assignment Front page and Cover page guide – Before writing and preparing their assignments, candidates for an IGNOU academic degree should carefully read each assignment point in this section. Candidates must follow each step to pass their task without any hassle and you will be rewarded for your hard work on the IGNOU scorecard.
Each student has a question about what to write on the cover page.

IGNOU assignment that she should submit to the relevant IGNOU research center. It is mandatory to make the first page of each topic so that the assessor can easily understand and know the details of the candidate whose assignment is  presented. The first page also allows reviewers to speed up the review process. Candidates must present their assignments only to the Coordinator of the Research Center .

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IGNOU Assignment Front Page & Cover Page…

Ignou assignment front page

At the time of writing your assignments or after completing assignments, candidates don’t know what to write on the  IGNOU assignment Front page , so here’s a solution to all your questions. We have compiled a list of all the details and information required to write on the cover of your business solution. Each detail shown in the following list is mandatory to write on the page.




  1. Programme Full Name
  2. Course Code
  3. Course Title
  4. Assignment Code
  5. Study Centre
  6. Session Month & Year
  7. Mobile Number
  8. Enrollment Number
  9. Student Name
  10. Residence Address
  11. Signature
  12. Date

[Write all the above things on the top of the page]

Benefits of  IGNOU assignment Front page format
There are many benefits to including a first page with your assignment, such as:


  • It makes it easier for the tutor to identify your work and give you credit for
  • It makes it easier for the tutor to read your assignment and find the information they are looking
  • It gives you a chance to make a good impression with your
  • S0 make sure you take the time to properly format your first page!


 Step-by-step instructions for preparing the IGNOU ASSIGNMENT..


Ignou assignment front pageIgnou assignment front page

Candidates are requested to read each point carefully to avoid mistakes when drafting the IGNOU assignment. We have created step-by-step instructions so that you can easily read and understand them.

Step-1: Use only silly paper or A4 paper to write down your homework. Do not use thin paper.

Step 2: Leave at least one or a few lines after completing

your only answer for the evaluator to write a helpful comment on the blank areas.

STEP 3: We recommend that you use lined paper instead of blank paper to write your assignment, as it is also recommended by IGNOU officials.

STEP 4: Candidates can use a black or blue pen to write their assignments for each TEE session.

STEP 5: Candidates cannot use the red pen or any other coloured pen.

STEP 6: Better handwriting also has a positive effect on your homework grading.

STEP-7: Candidates must write their assignments by hand, which means that only handwritten assignments will be accepted by IGNOU. Item-

STEP 8: Do not print or type your assignments using an unauthorized computer.

STEP-9: You cannot copy your answer from university-provided units/blocks. If you copied an answer, you will not get any points for that copied question.

STEP-10: Candidates must write a problem solution with their own help, if you have copied problems from other students, your problem will be rejected by the center.

STEP-11: Prepare or write each lesson individually. Don’t write all your homework in one set.

Step 12: Write each question before writing an answer so that you don’t have to attach a question sheet while you are turning in the assignment.

Step-13: After you finish writing your homework, use a paper file and organize all your homework appropriately. (Note: the plastic file is not accepted by the university under any circumstances).

STEP 14: The candidate must send the complete assignment to the coordinator of the assigned study center. You cannot send them to other IGNOU centers such as regional centers, assessment services and assessment registrations.

STEP 15: When you submit  your assignments to the coordinator, they send an acknowledgment to your study center.

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