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ignou assignmentsWhat are ignou assignments?


Assignments of Ignou are an important component of a programme. It not only makes you study the subject on your own but also gives you an immense knowledge of the subject. Preparing assignments of Ignou gives you a level of confidence which we all require for clearing exams with flying colours. For preparing ignou assignments solutions one should go through the study material of Ignou at least once. It’s the most useful study material I’ve ever seen.


ignou assignments

What is ignou assignments contact Number?

For Ordering all ignou assignments solutions or handwritten directly courier delivery

Whatsapp 7745913167

After only one reading, you’ll have a good knowledge of the subject and be able to answer all of the questions of the ignou assignments on your own. Never attempt to copy and paste the assignments answer from another website. Because it isn’t worth the effort. People try to find out the answers on search engines instead of solving them on their own. It’s not a good practice.

ignou assignmentsWhen we have to submit the ignou assignments?

There is a specific time prescribed for submitting the ignou assignments usually it has to be submitted before you fill the TEE Examination form. you can download the Solved assignments from here

ignou assignmentsWhat are the Basic Rules for making the ignou assignments?

For making the assignments, keep the following points in mind:

  • Use A4 sized sheets
  • Write only one question on a page, i.e do not start a new question from a page where the previous answer ended.
  • Always attach question paper along with the assignments
  • Write the answers neatly
  • Try making diagrams and figures
  • Attach the front pages provided by ignou at the front of your assignments

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ignou assignmentsAre ignou assignments Evaluated strictly or taken seriously, or do all students receive the same grade?

  • Theoretically, you can score 100/100 in any IGNOU assignment.
  • But real life is different so if you have a good influence in your study centre you might be able to score from 85/100 to 90/100 easily.
  • Your good relationship with the study centre is the difference between 70/100 and 85/100.
  • Obviously, you have to write the assignments, properly.
  • Outside presentation of the assignment also matters, it should look good from the outside.
  • In average, if you are good in your studies you’ll be able to score mostly around 70/100 or sometimes more.

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As you are aware, ignou is a well-regarded organisation with a high standard of course, assignment, and TEE. Imagine how a shared assignment would be checked across the country, with study centres strewn around the country. It’s possible that two students’ assignments are identical, but their numbers are different since one lives in Delhi and the other in Chennai.

ignou assignmentsCan I use their study materials to duplicate the answers to my ignou assignments?

Copying the answers from the study materials is not recommended you could download the solutions from Here. Or Purchase the ignou Handwritten Assignments from here ignou assignments


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ignou assignments

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