IGNOU Guess Papers

IGNOU Galaxy Guess papers are curated specially for IGNOU Students. These IGNOU Guess Papers are prepared with the help of IGNOU Toppers & Various Other IGNOU Academicians who have vast Knowledge of IGNOU Subjects.

Although the Study Materials Provided by IGNOU Is very Useful & enough, However it is very very difficult to study through them and most importantly remember all those concepts Our Guess Papers are Specially Curated from Past Year Important Questions & Selected Important Questions that are Often Repeated, Moreover the Quess Papers are very Concise Solved Questions Not More than 15-20 Pages Hence you can Prepare in a short course of time. 

  • Concise & Simple.
  • Questions with Answers.
  • Coverage of All Most Important Repeated Questions.
  • 100% Errorless & Accurate.
  • 80+ Marks Gauranteed.
  • Readable in few days.
  • Latest Full Length paper Fully Solved 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

What are IGNOU Guess Papers?

IGNOU Guess Papers are Specially Curated Set of Important & Most Probable Questions & Answers Which have the highest Probability to Repeat in the Exams.

How i should Place my order?

To Place Your Order Just click the Whatsapp Icon and Type the codes 

How Many Marks I will get If I Prepare only this Guess Papers?

You’ll be able to score above 70% Marks If you Prepare thourghly. As Questions paper is set according to certain Rules Like 60% Most Important Topics (easy) 25% (Moderate difficulty Level) And Remaining 15% of Tough Difficulty Level.

How will I get these Guess Papers?

After you place your order And Do the Payment you’ll get these Guess papers through Whatsapp

Are These Guess Papers Solved Or Does it have only Questions?

These Guess Papers are totally Solved You just have to Burn your midnight Oil For Byhearting those important Questions And Appear for the examinations will Chill Mind.