IGNOU VIVA-IGNOU (Indira Gandhi Open University) is a distance learning university in India that offers various undergraduates, postgraduates, diploma and certification programmes courses. As a distance learning open university, students who have enrolled in IGNOU university have to fulfil the basic criteria by submitting their Ignou assignments on time. It’s a part of their academic evaluation. The process and requirements for assignments might have changed since then, so it is essential; to check the latest information on the official website of Ignou university or students can also contact the university directly.

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Ignou viva


As of the latest information provided by Ignou university regarding Ignou viva, the specific practices and policies of IGNOU (Indira Gandhi Open University) study centres may have policies according different study centres.

At Ignou university, the assessment of Ignou assignments usually involves two basic requirements: the written ignou assignments that is being submitted by the students and other one is Ignou viva voce( oral examination) . It may be noted that Ignou viva voce taken by ignou teachers of particular subjects may depends upon the type of courses and programmes. Some courses may include only the basic requirement that is to submit Ignou assignments, whereas some courses require ignou assignments plus Ignou viva voce as well. So it depends upon different selected courses. and the evaluation pattern set by the university.

For most of the specialized courses offered by Ignou university to its students, especially those that have practical components, or require demonstration of skills, an Ignou viva voce examination might be conducted.


During the viva voce, students may be asked many questions related to their assignments, course material, or specific topics to assess their understanding and knowledge. So students must have all the information regarding their assignments that is they are submitting.

  1. Know your syllabus: Make sure you have a thorough understanding of the syllabus for the course you are taking. Focus on the key concepts, theories, and topics covered.
  2. Revise your course material: Go through your study material, notes, and assignments. Pay special attention to important points, formulas, and examples.
  3. Practice with mock interviews: Conduct mock viva sessions with friends, family, or classmates playing the role of the examiner. This will help you gain confidence and get used to answering questions orally.
  4. Be confident: Confidence is crucial during the viva. Believe in yourself and your knowledge of the subject. Speak clearly and maintain eye contact with the examiner while answering questions.
  5. Prepare for common questions: Review frequently asked questions related to your subject. Be ready to answer questions about the basics, applications, and real-life scenarios.
  6. Understand practical applications: Be prepared to discuss the practical applications of the theories and concepts you have learned. Relate them to real-world situations to showcase your understanding.
  7. Be attentive and respectful: Listen carefully to the examiner’s questions, and don’t interrupt. Show respect and a positive attitude throughout the viva.
  8. Use visuals if necessary: If you have prepared any visual aids, charts, or diagrams during your studies, don’t hesitate to use them to explain your answers better.
  9. Be honest about your limitations: If you don’t know the answer to a question, admit it politely. Don’t try to bluff your way through. Instead, express your willingness to learn more about that particular topic.
  10. Practice time management: Viva Voce sessions usually have a time limit. Practice answering questions within the allocated time to avoid rushing during the actual examination.
  11. Stay calm under pressure: It’s normal to feel nervous before and during the viva. Take deep breaths, stay composed, and don’t let anxiety hinder your performance


It’s essential to refer to the course guide or contact your regional IGNOU study centre directly to understand the specific assessment requirements for your course and whether a viva voce is part of the evaluation process for your assignments. Ignou viva voce is important and scoring part for students .They have study it properly and give the answers fluently and properly. Without any hesitation or nervousness.’

To visit the official website of IGNOU- Click here

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