What if my IGNOU assignments match with other students because most of the students are buying, or copying their assignments from the same source?

Submitting IGNOU Solved assignments that are copied or closely resemble the work of other students is considered academic dishonesty and is strictly prohibited by IGNOU. If your assignments match with other students, it may be flagged as plagiarism, which can result in severe penalties, including failing the course, suspension, or even expulsion from the university.

While it may be tempting to buy or copy assignments from other sources, it is important to remember that IGNOU assignments are designed to assess your knowledge and skills in the course. Copying someone else’s work defeats the purpose of the assignment and goes against the principles of academic integrity.

However There are few Authentic Websites like IGNOU GALAXY IGNOU Assignment Guru These two websites are Genuine And IGNOU GALAXY  tops the list with its AI Based System wherein the content is automatically rephrased after certain amount of download. You can explore there IGNOU Handwritten Assignments Service as well.

To avoid plagiarism, you should ensure that your assignments are original and properly referenced. You can use external sources such as books, journals, and websites to support your arguments, but you must cite them correctly. IGNOU provides guidelines for referencing and citation styles in its assignment booklet, which you should follow to avoid losing marks.

If you are struggling to complete your assignment or have concerns about plagiarism, you can seek help from your course coordinator or tutor. They can provide guidance and support to help you complete your assignment and ensure that it meets the academic standards required by IGNOU.

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